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Sending and tracking gifts

What is a Collection?

Every Gifting Platform comes with Collections from $50-500. Collections are curated, dynamic groups of gifts that are updated frequently based on redemption data, new trends, and product availability.

With our Premium subscription, you can add additional Collections and customize your Gifting Websites with your own branding and messaging. For more information, contact our Sales team.

How do I add a Collection to my platform?

To add Collections to your platform, contact our Sales team.

What price points are available for collections?

Every Platform comes with Collections from $50-500. However, we offer Collections up to $2,500. If you want to add additional Collections to your Platform, please contact our Sales team.

How do I send a gift?

To send a gift, click the Send a Gift button in the upper left-hand corner of the main navigation. You can send gifts one at a time by creating a new Contact or choosing an existing one. Or, send multiple gifts at once by individually adding Contacts to create a list or upload a spreadsheet.

Do emails come from my personal email address?

By default, emails from your Gifting Platform come from [email protected]. If you would like to personalize your emails by using your personal email address you will need to provide Cultivate access to your DNS. For more information, please contact our Sales team.

What is the email delivery rate when sending from the platform?

We use SendGrid as our email service provider and our email delivery success rate is 99%.

What happens if an email bounces or is not delivered?

You can copy the gift link by clicking the link icon on the Gifting tile and try sending it via your personal email. Or, you can update the Contact's email address and try sending it again.

What do the different Email and Gift statuses mean?

Below is an explanation of each gift status you will see throughout the gift and fulfillment process. 

Scheduled: The gift is scheduled to go out on a future date

Email Delivered: The email was successfully delivered to the gift recipient's inbox.

Email Bounced: The email was not successfully delivered to the gift recipient's inbox. When this happens, we recommend you copy the gift link on the gift tile and send it from your personal email. Or, update the Contact's email address and try sending another gift.

Email Opened: The gift recipient has opened the email.

Clicked: The gift recipient has clicked the 'Select your gift' button and visited your Gifting Website.

Gift Confirmed: The recipient selected a gift and completed the checkout process

Shipped: The gift has been shipped to the recipient

Delivered: The gift was delivered to the shipping address

Replacement Gift Sent: The recipient contacted Guest Experience and was given a replacement gift

Expired: Indicates the gift expired because the recipient didn't select a gift

What is a Ticket Program and how does it work?

What is a Ticket Program?

A Ticket Program allows you to send people gifts with varying Ticket Values. Recipients can then select one or multiple items based on the number of tickets assigned to their gift. For example, one recipient may select one item with a higher ticket value while another may select 3 items with lower ticket values. 

How do I send gifts with a Ticket Value?

If you choose to send a gift from a Ticket Program Collection you will be prompted to assign a Ticket Value to the gift. 

Note: Only one ticket value can be assigned when you are sending gifts to multiple people. If you send multiple gifts with varying ticket values, we recommend doing so in batches based on the ticket value. For example, you can send all your gifts worth 3 Tickets and then send all your gifts worth 5 Tickets. 

How is the price of a gift with a ticket value calculated?

Each gift has a set price and freight amount. Both are automatically multiplied by the number of tickets you assign to the gift. For example, a gift is worth $125 plus $10 freight and you assign it a ticket value of 2. The cost of the gift will be $250 plus $20 in freight for a total of $270. 

Getting Started

New to your Gifting Platform? Let us show you around

Welcome to your Gifting Platform! Take a few minutes to learn everything you need to know about sending gifts.

What additional features come with a Premium subscription?

If you upgrade to a Premium subscription, you receive the following benefits:

  • Devoted Client Success team
  • Expanded Collection offerings including Custom and Thematic Collections
  • Branded Websites
  • Gifting Suites
  • Personalized Email with DNS Access
  • International Shipping
  • Custom Integrations with Implementation fees

Managing my Team's Gifting

What is a Super Admin?

The Super Admin has the highest level of Admin access. This permission allows you to create Teams, add Users, set user permissions, and limit user's spending and monitor all activity happening on the Platform.

What is a Team?

A Team is a group of users who have similar gifting needs. 

What is an Admin?

An Admin is the second highest user permission. As an Admin, you are assigned to a Team to add users, limit user's spending, and monitor all activity of your team.

Like all other users, the Admin can send gifts.

What is a Team Member?

Team Members are contributing users added to the Platform by an Admin or Super Admin. Team Members belong to a Team and use the Platform primarily to send gifts.

How do I set a user's Spending Limit?

You have the option to set a Spending Limit for a user when you add them to the Platform. To edit a user's Spending Limit, go to Teams & Users, switch the toggle in the upper right-hand corner to All Users, click on the user you wish to edit, and adjust the Spending Limit in the Contact Overlay.

How many Teams and Team Members can I have?

You can create as many Teams and Team Members as you need. However, Admin and Team Members can only be assigned to one team.

How do I create a team?

Follow the below steps to create a Team:

• Log into your Gifting Platform

• Click Teams & Users in the main navigation

• Select Create New Team

• Enter the Team Name and select which Curated Collections the Team will have access to

• Add as many users and assign their user permissions. Here is where you have the option of setting spending limits for your users.

• Review and Confirm your Team Settings

What Collections do Users have access to?

When the Super Admin creates a team, they choose which Collections Admin and Team Members have access to. 

Understanding and managing my Spending History

How is my Spending Limit determined?

Super Admin and Admin can set and adjust a user's spending limit at any time. To have your Spending Limit adjusted, please reach out to your Platform Administrator.

How is my Available Balance calculated?

The Available Balance depends on your user permission.

Super Admin: The Available Balance for your platform is your Total Platform Budget minus all funds you've allocated to Team budgets, minus the total amount all users have spent on gifts, plus any gift credits processed in the last 24 hours.

Total Budget - Allocated Team funds - Cost of gifts + Expired Gift Credits

Admin: The Available Balance on your platform is the Team Budget minus all funds you've allocated to Team Members, minus the total amount your team has spent on gifts, plus any gift credits processed in the last 24 hours.

Team Budget - Allocated Team Member funds - Cost of gifts + Expired Gift Credits

Team Member: The Available Balance on your platform is your personal Budget minus the total amount you have spent on gifts plus any gift credits processed in the last 24 hours.

Your budget - Cost of Gifts + Gift Credits

How do I track my Spending History?

You can track your spending by viewing your Spending History on the Reports page. Your Spending History will show the total amount you've spent on redeemed gifts and the total amount pending for unredeemed gifts. 

Total Spent represents every dollar you've spent on redeemed gifts including the cost of the gift, tax, and freight. 

Total Pending represents the dollar amount of gifts that have been sent but are currently unredeemed. This includes the cost of the gift and freight. Tax will be included when the gift is redeemed.

If you are an Admin, you will be able to see a spending breakdown for your teams and Team Members. If you are a Super Admin your report will show activity for all Teams & Users. 

Team Members with a Spending Limit can track their remaining amount from their report.

Branding my Gifting Websites

What is a Branded Website?

Branded Platforms offer custom Gifting Websites featuring your logo, personal message, images, and color palette. 

What customization options are available for Branded Websites?

You can customize your Gifting Websites with your logo, branding, and personal message. For more information, contact your Client Success Manager.

How do I customize my Gifting Websites?

After you’ve signed your contract with our Sales team your Client Success Manager will provide detailed instructions.